Mike Carter

Mike is the Managing Director of Tyncan Learning,based in Newcastle upon Tyne.  Tyn Can Learning provide educational technologies into schools. TynCan Learning is the Computers at School Tyneside Hub leader. We assemble and distribute Raspberry Pi kits. This includes five projects based around Scratch GPIO and Raspberry pi which introduces control in the real world by developing computer science understanding through collaboration and creative thinking. We are a UK distributor for the multi award winning Globisens data logging device Labdisc for use in Primary, Secondary and Special schools. It is easy to carry out experiments having between 7 and 13 sensors built in. http://www.tyncan.com/#!labdisc-uk to see how schools can help support enquiry based learning. 
We distribute Rabbit Learning, a language teaching breakthrough for language schools, book publishers and language trainers everywhere. Our web based Lesson Builder makes it easy to create interactive language lessons for mobile devices. Create an amazing language learning experience that your students, staff and customers can enjoy anywhere. 
We also support schools in the use of new technologies and work with partners internationally to promote collaboration in education. We are promoting the use of Fischer Technik in the UK in a move to make construction and coding more aligned to what happens in the real world and hope to be involved in setting up challenge events in the future to showcase young people's talents.

Tel: +44 (0)1914787976

Mob: +44(0)7949294995